Blown Head Gasket Ruin an Engine
06 August 2020

Does A Blown Head Gasket Ruin an Engine? Here’s What You Need to Know

Head Gasket is the most important component of a car and placed between the engine block & cylinder head. However, its size is quite small and useful in sealing the internal combustion process. The head gasket’s job is to place the fuel & compressed air inside the cylinder to generate energy through ignition. Further, it leads to keeping the coolant & oil out of the combustion chamber to avoid the leakage of fluids. Oil Leak? Cracked block or leaking radiator? Can you still drive the car with a blown head gasket? We don’t recommend driving the vehicle because the leakage of combustion gases & coolant can lead to high-temperature gradients, further causing cracking & erosion of leak surface.

The best part is that you can easily seal the blown head gasket like a piece of cake and make it again roadworthy. In case you ignore this leakage of fluids or blown head gasket, you would be at risk of a cascade effect of damage. Stay tuned with us to know tackle this issue…

Are you grappling with a blown head gasket? Don’t have enough knowledge to deal with this? No problem!! We’ll guide in-depth about this.

What Else Does the Head Gasket Do? 

Apart from cooling & lubricating, the head gasket also seals the combustion chamber in the engine. This allows the vehicle to produce enough power to move ahead during the dangerous gases coming from the old combustion chamber. The head gasket enables those gases to pass through the exhaust system. In the latest technology, the head gasket is made up of several layers of steel material called elastomer. It’s of more durability & longevity.

Furthermore, the head gasket is a significant part of the combustible engine. The combustion houses are required the hight amount of temperature for firing at designated times through pistons. The job of coolant & oil has similar responsibilities, but they never mix as they perform their tasks. The head gasket never allows cross-communication of fluids.

What Happens When A Head Gasket Blows? 

The head gasket becomes too hot due to which it blows, and leakage of fluids takes place. What’s the reason for the high temperature? What do you think? There might be some leakage, or it can be due to a lack of coolant within the radiator. Sometimes gaskets become weaker soon than others. This depends on the material of the gasket. In other words, of which material the gasket is made of? For instance, -aluminium becomes weak quicker. Many metals have high-temperature expansion rates and are more sensitive to hot temperatures.

If you still drive the vehicle in blown then, it can cause danger & exhaustive damage to the engine. When blown happen, you should take strict action for this.

Symptoms of A Blown Head Gasket 

Some of the symptoms of a blown head gasket are such as but there are many more except these

  1. An overheating engine 
  2. Distinct “milky” white-colours in the oil and more. 
  3. The leakage of water from the tailpipe
  4. Bubbling liquid coming from the coolant reservoir and radiator
  5. White or Gray smoke coming from your tailpipe 

Once you notice the symptoms mention above all, and you are aware that you are driving a car with a blown gasket then, take immediate action in respect of this.

What’s the Best Way to Prevent A Blown Head Gasket? 

Do you want to prevent your car from a blown head gasket? Obviously, why not!! Therefore, maintain your vehicle at the proper level and make sure that you have the right mixture of as per the manufacturing guidance. Additionally, always focus on the temperature gauge. In case you face hot while driving then, allow your vehicle to cool for a while. Otherwise, call someone for roadside assistance.

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