Drive Belt Replacement Cost Guide
09 September 2020

What is Drive Belt and its complete Replacement Cost Guide

How do I know if my drive belt requires replacement? How much it cost to replace the drive belt? Are you questing for the answer of above all questions? If the answer is yes then, you have stumbled onto the right blog. Stay tuned with us and let’s go down to the drive belt…

The drive belt is one of the delicate parts of your car and its function is to provide powers to multiple parts of the engine. It is located under the hood. However, the scary part of the drive belt is that you will never know that when the belt needs replacement. Although, you need to visualize it from time to time. Because the belt might fail while you are driving and the car can suddenly become immobile. It is sound being scary and somewhere atrocious feeling!! Even though, it sounds like you are at the end of your rope… Please put your mind at ease!! In this blog, we are going to discuss the ins & outs of Drive Belt deeply. After reading this content, you become better equipped before hopping onto full-scale problems during the failure of a drive belt. Let’s have look at our guide-

What is a drive belt? What does it do?

Let’s know exactly what the drive belt is. Drive belt or fan belt runs on the outside of your car’s engine. Once you run your engine then, drive belt to become active which further power up the other accessories i.e. air conditioning, power steering, and many more. You can call it a “serpentine belt” and it’s due to its design or its running capability between different accessories in a snake-like fashion.

How long does a drive belt last?

The majority of people are questing the answer to this question. Isn’t it so? The life span of the drive belt depends on the total mileage clocked by your car just as similar to other auto parts & accessories. Approximately, the belt lasts for as long as 80,000 kilometres or 50000 miles. Can we buy the higher-grade drive belt? Of course, you can buy a belt which is made of better material and can last for 150,000 kilometres or more…

The ultimate durable belt is made of EPDM (Ethylene Diene Monomer) and synthetic rubber material. A higher durability belt comes with a fortune price tag. A basic drive belt will also last quite longer.

How do I know if my drive belt needs to be replaced?

The warning signs are so clear and there is no check drive belt light on your instrument that helps to know it’s replacement need. That’s why it’s somewhere difficult to know when you need to replace the drive belt. Mercifully, some signs can help you to know that there is something wrong with your drive belt.

When Your Air Conditioning & Power Steering System Not Working-

The primary function of the drive belt is to offer powers to your car’s system and other accessories. These include the power steering and AC unit. If the air conditioning & power steering systems stop working then, it’s might be an indication of the failure of the Drive belt and replacement. Therefore, you should consult to the mechanic at the drop of a hat.

Overheating Engine-

Unfortunately, the overheating of the engine can b happen for many reasons. But the cooling system is also powered up by a drive belt. If the drive belt has something wrong then, the system doesn’t work. It’s led to overheating rather than cooling.

Visible Damages on the belt, like cracks and wear-

One of the best ways to find out the fault in your drive belt is to visualize it from time to time with your own two eyes. when you look closely, you can see the damages on it if it has wheresoever i.e. crack or any wear & tear!! You must have to pay attention to the ribs of the belt. If you may find them unevenly, damaged, or separated then, it’s better to consult a mechanic immediately.

Squealing Noises-

Have you ever heard the squealing sound coming from your engine bay? If yes then, it’s most probably the fault of your drive belt. It means that the drive belt has somewhere slipped from its ultimate position. In this situation, you should first close look at it and then, consult the trusted mechanic and let them inspect it.

Above all, are the signs you may trouble if your drive belt is not in a good position or need replacement. You should immediately inspect this belt by some mechanic or replace it. Otherwise, it will make your entire car immobilized.

How much does it cost to replace a drive belt in Australia?

The cost of the drive belt depends on the type of vehicle you drive because some models require on belt and others may need four in total. However, a standard drive belt replacement in Australia could costs you somewhere from $159 to $1500. The price tag defines the quality of the belt. Price could also influence by the design of your cars’ engine and the efforts that a mechanic needed to replace the belt.

Whether you need a replacement of drive belt or any auto part of your vehicle, you must have full of knowledge regarding each & every part and also about the costing process. Stay connected with Brisbane Auto Parts for more helpful blogs related to the automotive industry to become well- informed car owner.

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