Car Wreckers Brisbane

How We Are Experts in Used Auto Parts? Top 10 Reasons 

  • 100 Plus Models of Cars That We’ve Wrecked
  • 20 Plus Models of Truck That we’ve Wrecked
  • Wrecking Smashed, Damaged, Broken, Old, Used & Unwanted
  • Quick Payment For Late Model Vehicles
  • Paying Top Cash Scrap Cars & Free Removal
  • Local Australian City Wreckers Included 
  • Fast Auto Part Delivery By Nearest Yard
  • Pick A Part by Your Own Choice
  • Trusted Since 1998 as an Auto Recyclers
  • Discounts Upto 60% For Engine Parts

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Regional Car Wreckers & Collection Centre

QldAutoParts is set to deliver wrecked car services Brisbane & Australia wide. We are local car wreckers and ensure the safety of your vehicle after buying as we are licensed and registered for auto recycling. We will try to solve your queries in this section to explain any used vehicle related requirements from our end. It may be for used parts collection from scrap cars and auto dismantling from a regional salvage yard either through in-person or phone calls. Find complete information for wreckers in the automotive industry. Car wreckers also categorized and known with the different names such as car breaker, scrap metal recyclers, junkyard and auto wreckers.

Why Brisbane Wreckers?

  • Do you want to get rid of unwanted vehicle from your garage?
  • Have you been searching out to somebody to pick up from car for EVL?
  • The suitable term for a wrecking yard is a vehicle dismantler.
  • The Process is similar to an auto recycler where spiriting several valuable part out of a vehicles body and rest goes to recycling.
  • When a wrecker purchases any vehicle, they never mind that your car is running or dead, unwanted or scrap.
  • They always focus their valuable parts, that’s why any wrecked vehicle can sell to the wreckers.

Top 10 advantages of Auto Dismantlers Brisbane

Thinking! How is wrecking-yard beneficial for old vehicles? Whenever we discuss Brisbane car wrecker services and benefits, it’s everything for the used cars. Below are the top 10 steps:-

  1. Used auto parts provider where user can save more than 50% instant.
  2. Comparison of the scrap car cost easy from salvage yards.
  3. Car removals of old, damaged, accident, unwanted, and used.
  4. Even, they never ignore home pickup for faulty engine vehicle.
  5. They are the backbone for second-hand cars to serve more than 70% recycled spares.
  6. Selection of used components are user-friendly and easily accessible to avoid mismatching.
  7. Top Cash for wrecked vehicles throughout Brisbane city to outer suburbs- check our service locations.
  8. We built a network of Australia wide wreckers to serve quickly as a junk car buyer.
  9. We are wrecking more than 25 makes and 100 plus models now.
  10. Our expertise in valuation from cars, vans, 4wd to the truck are absolutely free.
  • Categorized By Makes & Models
  • Mini Family Car Wrecker Section
  • Wrecked Car Body Only
  • Scrap Car Bodies After Dismantling Parts
  • Taking Car For Dismantle Through Towing Truck
  • More Than 200 Cars Ready For Wrecking

Our Australia Wide Wrecking Yards


Gold Coast





Car Wreckers Brisbane

Qldautopart’s has their wrecking yard in Coopers Plains, Brisbane. There are more than a thousand vehicles space for dismantling correctly and safely with several modern tools without damaging any single working component. It is located in the Southeast part of Brisbane. Years of experience and valuable customers is our strength.

We are wrecking above than hundred’s of car models that are manufactured by European, Japanese, American, Korean Makes. As well known car wreckers Brisbane for south regions to pick a used part that suit to you. Customers of the areas of north and east are easily reachable even they can get a quote online.

Gold Coast Wrecking Yard

Our well-established wrecking yard in Gold Coast is only available to the collection of vehicles nothing more. We only perform dismantling action at our Brisbane yard and also has our part inventory here. However, we supply recycled parts and wrecking services Australia wide.

Sydney Wrecking Yard

Sydney Car Wrecker is our wrecking partner in Sydney. They are based in Merryland and scrapping vehicles include cars, vans, buses, trucks, 4wd’s and 4×4’s. They are in service since 2005 and our partnership with for supplying recycled parts. It is time-saving for customers in Sydney. We only can deliver parts in Australia wide when we get the local network of wrecking yards. So they are helping customers buying their unwanted vehicles, dismantling them for parts.

Adelaide Wrecking Yard

Salisbury based auto recyclers, known as Adwreck Car Wreckers. They are buying all makes and models and providing used part to customers. Customer can directly reach to them for parts there, but they can only get the timely delivery and warranty if order through Qld Auto Parts.

Melbourne Wrecking Yard

Wrecky is one of the most famous brands in Wrecking market Melbourne. Wrecky is revolutionizing Car Wrecking Business with innovative quote system and fully connected Eco System and Promise of Best Price in the Market Guarantee. We are bound with them with our promises of delivery and best price.

Perth Wrecking Yard

If customers are looking for used auto parts or scrapping their vehicles in Perth and want to know about professional wrecker, we refer to Auto Wreckers Perth. One of the most massive yard and in business since 2000. They are wrecking almost categories of vehicles so a customer can get opportunities to find any vehicles part.

How it Works

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We have primary three ways of placing an order. Call us 04 3350 3503 available for official, email and online enquiry form for any parts.

We Match Your Requirement

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Match Your Requirement

After receiving an order, we send it to the inventory controller staff. They match the exact part that you want and call you with the quotes.

Step 3 – Deliver to You

Step 3

Deliver to You

If the customer agrees, we deliver the part to them using third-party delivery services with the date and time of delivery.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We provides answers for the frequently asked questions regarding car wrecking yard.

Why Should I Choose Your Wrecking Yard?

There are two main reasons to choose vehicle wreckers in your city.
First- The one for permanent car removals if they got the smashed car parked in the backyard or likely in the garage.
Second- You can approach them for used auto parts. It is beneficial for your second-hand vehicle to fix any mechanical issue with the interior and exterior body or engine parts.

Why Should You Choose Car Wreckers at QldAutoparts?

Well, choosing your favorite wrecking yard is your own choice in Brisbane. But when it comes to a variety of services in one place, customer should think about it. It is legal and authorized yard that is committed to serving you better than others in terms of your vehicle. Whether you opt for the removal of a wrecked car body or selection any car body parts, we are ready to help you. We have prepared for one-stop, affordable, on-time collection center of scrap vehicles.

Does wrecker buy unregistered cars?

Yes, the car wrecker can buy! The ages ago, it was quite harder to sell unregistered cars privately or to the dealership. There may be several reasons a vehicle being unregistered, but a potential buyer will always be suspicious during the deal with that kind of cars. It takes easily for unregistered vehicle owners when a wrecker involve. So you don’t even need to drop your price if you have an unregistered vehicle.

What paperwork should be required?

Customers do not need to worry about the paperwork as it is not complicated, and we will do it right there.

Can I sell someone else car like my friends or wife?

Yes, but we need to be written authorisation from the vehicle owner along with your driver’s license. We will check the status of a vehicle at the time of picking up.

What is the mode of payment?

Car Wreckers always pay cash in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and even entire Queensland. However, it is not similar in each state of Australia. You cannot get cash payment in Sydney and Melbourne. If the customer insists on paying by bank transfer or through the cheque, yes they can pay them accordingly.

What do I need to do if I am selling a car without a title?

We need your driver’s license with your proof of identity and address to buy your vehicle without a title. The wreckers are the one who buys cars, trucks and vans with any status.

Do I need to take off the number of plates when removing my car?

Yes, if you are selling your car to a wrecking yard, you need to take off the number of plates. If you are selling it with the REGO, then you are not authorized to remove plates.

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