Car Wreckers Tingalpa

Are you thinking of buying a new car but waiting to empty space in your garage? If you want to get rid of your old, defunct cars then QLD auto parts are the right place. We are well-known car wreckers Tingalpa has, and we can help you get rid of your old cars, trucks, 4WDs, and other commercial vehicles, in a jiffy. Our team specializes in evaluating old, wrecked, damaged cars, and offer free pick-up and towing services. You can earn top dollar for wrecking your car with us, and even use it as a down-payment to buy your new car!

All you have to do is, give us a call, mail us your query or fill out our online enquiry form, and our team will take over from there.

Salvage Yard Tingalpa

Once we buy your old, damaged cars, we do a thorough evaluation of parts that are in good condition. If we can’t salvage your car, then we proceed to refurbish and recondition usable car parts.

  • Our salvage yard Tingalpa is fully-equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery. All the dismantling and refurbishing of the used cars happens in our yard.
  • Our team of experts has the technical know-how of car dismantling, refurbishing, and recycling. We can handle scrapping and recycling of cars from a variety of makes and models.

Used Auto Parts Tingalpa

While most people like to scrap their old cars, there are a few who have an emotional attachment with their vehicles and don’t want to wreck them for cash. If you are facing a similar dilemma, then used auto parts Tingalpa has an extensive range of car parts and accessories that can restore your car in no time. From clutches and brakes to the fuel system and engines, we have every part that your vehicle could need.

Sell Car For Removal Tingalpa

If you are worried that your wrecked, damaged cars are a complete waste, then QLD auto parts have the solution to your problem! With an option to sell car for removal Tingalpa, you can not only get rid of your old cars for free but also earn top dollar for recycling unwanted vehicles. We have a dedicated division that takes care of evaluating old cars and purchasing it for as much as $8,999. We even offer you a completely free and customized quote for your car. Once you accept our quote, your old and unwanted vehicle is entirely our problem.

Reconditioned Parts and Scrap Metals Tingalpa

One of the main businesses at QLD car parts is that of reconditioned parts and scrap metals Tingalpa. We believe in making the best out of waste. Every car that is bought by our experts goes through a thorough evaluation of our salvage yard. We ensure that you can find the best of reconditioned parts, scrapped metal and used auto parts, for affordable rates.

Moreover, we do our bit towards the environment by making sure that our recycling processes are completely eco-friendly. You can also be a part of the green movement by choosing us as your scarp car removal partners.

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