Truck Wreckers Brisbane

Truck Wreckers Brisbane
Whether it is a car or a truck, eventually they reach a stage where they no longer are usable. And when your truck reaches this stage, all you need to do is contact Queensland Auto Parts, the best truck wreckers in Brisbane.

Stay Connected With the Expert Truck Wreckers in Brisbane

Using trucks for a commercial purpose is quite a common sights on roads of Brisbane. However, once the truck becomes scrap or useless getting rid of it can be difficult. However, with us by your side, you need not worry. Call us and we will remove the unwanted truck from your property in a professional manner.

The reason behind Relying on QLD Car Parts

QLD Car Part is an authorized and licensed truck wrecker. With a team of experts in place, we are the best in the market. Whether you own a truck or a car, we pay top cash for your unwanted vehicles. Also, we have the necessary equipment to ensure that vehicle removal happens without any mishaps or accidents. Apart from the best team, we also have resources to cover multiple clients on the same day. Thus, you don’t have to wait long to get rid of the truck from your premises.

Benefits You Supposed to Receive From Used Commercial Trucks

Many people think that used commercial trucks are worthless. But that’s not true! By selling the unwanted trucks to professionals like us, you not only earn money but also vacate the space on your property. Our towing services are free of charge and we are the highest payer in the market. Also, since we recycle and reuse unwanted vehicle, we accept all kinds of vehicles irrespective of its condition. So, if you have a truck that you no longer want, or you want to earn some quick cash then call us NOW!

Get Top Dollar “cash for trucks” in Brisbane & QLD.

If you want to get top dollar cash for trucks in Brisbane and QLD, all you have to do is contact us. We have a team of technicians who evaluate the value of your truck. They take the make, model, and condition of your vehicle as well as the ongoing market rate for reusable parts and metal while evaluating your truck. Apart from the truck we also buy cars, vans, 4×4 of any make, model and condition. And on acceptance of our evaluation, we make an instant payment to you. Also, we offer free towing services for accidental trucks and complete the necessary paperwork without cost. So, when you deal with us, you not only get cash but also save on expenses.

Australia’s Leading Truck Parts Supplier and Truck Wreckers Brisbane

As a leading truck wrecker, we have access to truck parts of all kinds. We have the expertise to reuse the usable parts and repair the damaged yet working parts from the trucks that we buy. These parts are then put through a stringent quality check. And once they comply with our high-quality standards, they go out in the market for reselling. We pride ourselves on being the best truck part supplier in the market. Our truck parts are of excellent quality and affordable. Also, we have a wide range of options available from the gearbox to motors to engines and tires. So, if you ever need a quality second-hand truck part you can contact us. You can check the availability of the desired part by filling up our online form or you can call us on 04 3350 3503 and speak to our team. You can also email us your requirements on and our team will revert at the earliest.

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