Driverless Car Pros And Cons
13 September 2019

Driverless Car Pros And Cons

Driverless cars are the new wave of the automotive industry. These cars are the future. These cars will bring in a new change in the lifestyle of the people. The complete usage of the car can only be known when they will be on the states. The car will have long-reaching implications for everyone. Budgets direct motor conducted a survey. The reports of it stated that more than half of Australians are not happy with this. They think it is a dangerous idea. The results can only be seen in future. But here we provide you will all the potential pros and cons of driverless cars.


1. Benefits economy

As per the experts, by the usage of driverless cars, there will be vast benefits of the economy. In Australia, every year Road crashes cause about $27 billion. Even the slightest decrease in this amount will save a million dollars each year. This money can further be used for economic development

2. Benefits society (saves lives)

As the reports States, 90% of road accidents occur due to human errors. This error occurs due to drinking driving, speeding, distractions etc. About 1.3 million people get killed every year(worldwide) of this estimate thousand are from Australia alone. These driverless cars will help in eradicating this issue and will save the lives of the people.

3. Protects Environment

The companies are trying to two electric vehicles for the driverless car as they won’t pollute the environment. The regular cars release excessive emission. This car used to speed drive, brake and re-accelerate. The new cars will travel at a consistent speed. The distance from one other will be maintained. Thus, requires no re-acceleration or breaking.

4. Quick communication

The cars will able to communicate with the cars around them. There will be less chance of a traffic jam. The car will prevent crashes as they travel at a consistent distance from one another. This will help in reducing traffic and crashes.


1. Criminal hacking

The Autonomous car will be programmed to work in a certain manner. All the computer systems can be hacked. Even if an error occurs it could lead to crashing. The hacker gets success in hacking the car. With this hacked system he can reprogram the software. Now, the car will work as per the program installed by the hacker.

2. Increased unemployment

Some people drive these regular vehicles. This job helps them make a living and support their families. With the autonomous car, they will lose their jobs and will have to look for a new one. The livelihood of the people driving this vehicle will get affected. Thus, it will result in Unemployment.

3. Expenses

The cost of bringing this autonomous car in the daily lifestyle is way higher than any other new technology. It is estimated that it will cost about $100 to 300000. It will take time to develop the technology enough before it comes into action. It will be available to the people only after proper testing.

4. Moral Machine

There is a time when a driver is left with no good choice. Sometimes a person from nowhere suddenly walks out in the road, in front of the car. During this situation, there will be no time for the car to apply the brake. There are two choices left to a driver. He can either hit the per serve the car off to the side and hit a concrete barrier. There are questions about what this car could do. It can only be seen in the mere future. In both cases there is a loss of one thing or the other.

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