Automotive Industry Launches an Airbag Safety Campaign
13 September 2019

Automotive Industry Launches an Airbag Safety Campaign

Safety of the customers during accidents is important. It is something the automotive industry must think of. Airbags are the best way to prevent severe damage. Installation of airbags in your car helps you at the time of the accident. They protect your head and chest area from severe damage. The federal chamber of automotive industries carried out a new campaign. It is a National safety campaign which asks the owners to check if they have a faulty airbag in their car.

19500 Faulty Airbags on Australian roads

19500 Faulty Airbags on Australian roads

The FCAI presented a report about the number of faulty airbags on Australian roads. There were reports about the faulty Takata alpha inflators. As per the reports, 19500 vehicles on Australian roads have got these faulty airbags. These faulty airbags must get replaced as soon as possible. These bags are capable of causing severe damage.

The damage that a faulty airbag can cause, explains Tony web, Chief Executive of FCAI. He stated that by using the faulty airbags the driver’s life is at risk. There is in one chance in every two of losing them in a crash.

There is an urgency to replace the airbag of the 19500 vehicles on Australian roads. The use of these faulty airbags will not protect the driver in case of an accident. The driver could face severe injury on his brain and chest area. The car owners with faulty airbags inflators need to contact their manufacturer immediately. The manufacturer will help them replace them. By 2020, 1.6 million car models will have the small metal cartridge instead of Alpha airbag inflator. The metal cartridge can inflate the airbag at a quick rate during the event of an accident. The inflation occurs by a gas-producing chemical reaction.

The seriousness of the campaign

The FCAI’s Chief, Weber stated about the inflator cartridge installed in some of the cars. The cars like Honda, Nissan, Lexus, Mazda and BMV has got this airbag inflator installed. These inflators got installed in the car between 2001 to 2004. This inflator cartridge design is as bad as a deadly defect.

The people of Australia must take this campaign on a serious note. Faulty Takata airbag inflator is dangerous for them. The inflator can cause serious injuries or even death of the driver.

If during an accident this inflator ruptures out, a metal fragment will come out of the bag in the cabin. Thus, replacing this turn out to be more serious then it seems to be. There is even a chance of explosion. If this issue gets deployed in areas of high exposure, an explosion can occur. it is so important for the car manufacturers to work on the safety of the drivers.

Know if you’re affected

The campaign did not get spread much. Due to the lack of information, people are unaware of how their lives are at risk. There are reports of 24 people killed and 266 injured globally. The car pants have tried to contact the car owners several times. Every method like post, SMS and phone call to make the owners aware about this was taken. Despite doing so much the news didn’t get to all the car owners. If you want to find out if your car even has got a faulty airbag inflator or not visit The site requires you to enter your number plate, state or territory. one can get the reports of their car from here. Change your airbag inflator if you too fall under the recall. If you choose not to you can face severe consequences.

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