Car Seat Buying Guide for 2019
08 October 2019

Car Seat Buying Guide for 2019

Buying a comfortable car eat can be one of the important factors for a smooth journey ride. If you have a baby with you then it becomes more important for a person to choose a comfortable car seat. A comfortable car seat can be a boon for various reasons. There are many types of cars that eat available catering to different needs of the people. So, let’s look at some buying guide which will help you to decide which one would be best for you to buy.

Infant car seats:

This type of seat can only be attached to rear-facing. It has a carrier that can be removed connected to a base installed in the car. This car is perfect for newborn babies but can be used for babies weighing up to 40lbs. This is enough for the newborn babies as children often reach the height limit of the seat. A child is too tall if the crown is of the child’s is less than 1 inch from the top of the car. They have a separate base which makes them more convenient. It helps take out sleeping babies without disturbing them.

Convertible car seats:

A convertible car seat is a good option for babies who are no longer an infant anymore. It has weight limits of 65 pounds, but they are still big for newborn babies. These seats can be forward or rear-facing depending upon the preference. Many people use rear-facing during the initial period and then convert it into forward-facing. This type of seat can save you money as you won’t have to buy a different car seat at the time of infancy.

All in one car seats:

These seats are total money savers. It is often large and heavy and might not be a fit for smaller vehicles. They can hold babies up to 50 pounds in rear-facing and up to 65 pounds. In forward-facing, they can hole up to 120 pounds in booster seats. One drawback can be that they don’t multitask well and are suitable for cars that don’t transport children much.

Booster seats:

It helps to lift the child so that the child can use the car seat belt without the harness. They come in two types backless and high back. Backless version is more comfortable rather than high back and easier to install. But high backs are more good as they position the shoulder belt better than backless. High back also provides more protection. These seats support children up to 90lbs. Before choosing any one of the eats, check with the local safety regulations. Toddler boosters can be a little different from traditional boosters. But these seats are only made for forwarding facing and suitable for children weighing between 20lbs and 90lbs. They are less expensive and they are a better option for convertible seats.

Different types of car seats cater to different types of needs as per the need of people. One should always look for options which are more comfortable and can be used in every situation. These will help you to choose one which will be more suitable to your needs and requirements.

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