08 July 2020

How to Replace Transmission Cooler Lines Like A Pro

What are Transmission Cooling lines?

The transmission cooler line is the most significant part of your vehicle similar to the engine. Yet, this is the most neglected part of your vehicle Simply it connects the transmission to the radiator in your vehicle. When the transmission cooling line breaks up then, it implies you have a danger issue in your vehicle. These lines are made up of rubber hose & aluminium metals. However, they protect the transmission from overheating ensuring that the hot liquid is coordinated away from the transmission.

If these cooling lines are not working efficiently or somewhere damage then, the performance of your vehicle will be too exhaustive. Usually, it overheats the transmission and the vehicle will fail quickly. The transmission basically helps to switch the gears in your vehicle while driving it either it is automatic or manual. Moreover, when the transmission fluid is not able to go through the system, it is obvious that you will not be able to switch gears. Further, the vehicle stops and becomes undrivable.

What is the role of Fluids in your transmission?

There are two major roles of fluid in the transmission of the vehicle such as-

  • Lubrication- When the fluid is polluted or levels are low then, gears grinds. The reason behind this is the grinding of metal on metal and obviously, it will make a horrible noise. Here, the role of transmission fluid begins and it keeps it greased up and running easily.
  • Cooling- The car’s engine makes a ton of warmth. Similarly, the transmission of the car also works at high temperatures if not appropriately cooled. The liquid cycles in and out to keep up an ordinary temperature extend. With great quality liquid and working lines, your transmission will in a perfect world be running at around 175 degrees. In that event that you still drain that fluid and attempt to drive your transmission can warm up to a dangerous 325 degrees, This is literally a dangerous situation and sufficiently hot to crush the transmission.

Symptoms of Bad Transmission Lines

If you notice any red or orange pool of fluid somewhere you park the vehicle then, it simply indicates the bad transmission lines. In case, you feel difficulty in switching the gear then, replace the transmission cooling lines at the drop of a hat in order to save yourself while driving. Don’t let your transmission line burn from overheating and damage to the transmission!! Thus, you should replace the cooler lines as you notice the minor symptoms.

How to Replace the Cooling Lines? – Step By Step Guidelines!!

  • Raise Your Car-

The first step in replacing the cooling lines is to raise your vehicle ensuring that you are familiar with what is underneath. Make sure to use the top-notch quality of jack when lifted. Your safety is the first priority in this process. Don’t ever compromise with this!! Rather than jacks, if you sue ramp then it would be a perfect match.

  • Drain the Transmission Fluid–

Since the vehicle is in a steady position, now you need to drain the liquid. Make sure to separate or disconnect the clasp that holds the transmission line set up. Remember to put an oil container underneath with the goal that it will catch the liquid putting down from the transmission line. Else, you will wind up with irritating chaos.

  • Remove the Transmission Cooler Lines–

Now it’s time to remove the old transmission cooler lines. You will require a wrench to do this. Discharge the nut that associates the transmission line. It might take some power to do pull and evacuate the old line. Make sure to keep this in mind which end was connected to the radiator and which one went to the transmission. Additionally, give careful consideration of the holders that held the line. Even better, snap a picture before expelling the lines. Now it will drain out more fluids and wait until it completely leaks. Now spray the joint with brake cleaner in order to remove the dirt.

  • Install the New Cooler Line–

Carefully install the new cooler line and connect it’s one end to the radiator & another end to the transmission You can use a wrench for more security of nut.

  • Replenish the Transmission Fluid-

As per the manual, you need to refill the transmission with the recommended fluid.

  • Double-check–

In the end, don’t forget to cross-check the transmission line. It might be a situation that it may not be connected properly and liquid is dripping somewhere. In this manner, you have to double-check and tighten the nutshell as in above all mention steps.

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