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QLD Auto Parts dismantle used cars and sell those car parts across all of Queensland. If you are in need of wheel or tyre, for your car, then reach us to get the cheapest price for it. We will ship your car parts for free and time-promised delivery of your selected car part with warranty assurance.

WHY QLD Auto Parts?

We offer the widest range of products in the replacement parts industry. We sell the best quality, well known and the most trusted wheels & tyres parts for various brands. You can order for tyres or alloy wheels for your car and we will deliver to you.

Our Promise

QLD Auto Parts just not offers the best in quality car parts, but you will also get the best warranty and delighted experience. Best aligned wheels and long-lasting tyres of top brands for the second-hand cars as well as timely delivery and free shipping across Queensland.

We deal in used car parts for all brands, make and models. Give us a ring at (07) 3922 1232 and speak to our practiced and qualified staff. Our staff guides you to get the part you wish, at the best price.

If you partner with us, for any used car parts related to wheels and brakes, we can promise that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the product but you will be warranty assured. The delightful experience will be when you will get any part with choices of colour code. Our main aim is to serve our customers with:

  • Best Quality
  • Value for Money
  • 3 Months Seller Warranty
  •  Free Shipping QLD Wide
  • Precise Part
  • Timely Delivery

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