Car Discs

Disc brakes Brake rotors rotate along with wheels and the brake pads fitted along with the brake callipers. They clamp over rotators to make it stop and make the wheels decelerate. Kinetic to thermal energy, the power gets converted because of the fiction generated by the rotors when the brakes pads are pushed along the same. This shows what exactly this small thing work on to provide the vehicle with the power and become an important part of our Car break disc component. 

Disc brakes and variety with type

Quality, delivery, all expected from Qldautoparts is provided by us. With experience and delivering original products all around, we have a well-defined range that could be asked for. One can have access over it and assure paying more time to fit in then finding the parts that might be needed. 

What do we offer?

The disc brake components like Shim, Pad, Boots ring, Piston boots, Piston, Piston seal, Bleeder cap, Bleeder screw, Cylinder body, Lock pin, Pin boots, Guide pin, Mounting bracket, Pad clip, etc, are all available with Qldautoparts at the right price and of better quality.

Do Commercial vehicles come along with disc brakes?

Previously used in passenger car and due to the stability in performance it provides, with an increase in speed, they have come to be used in Commercial vehicles too for better use and life. The demand increase and an increase in inventory by us has made us take care of the dynamic environment. At Qld Auto Parts, we commit to serve as one of the reliable disc brake providers. We have both types, Opposed piston-type brake disc and the floating type disc brake. Customers are the topmost priority for us and their demand supersedes all.

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