Car Drums

A wheel hub attached metal cylindrical housing is a brake drum which is one of the essentials for our car braking system. It helps us stop or slow down the speed. Can be seen along just the older cars as the new ones come along with rotors at each of wheel.

Break drums and its highly optimized performance

Small friction between the drums and the brake shoes is essential to have control over speed. The process is simple- Drums wear out leading to no dissipation of heat which in turn becomes the brake fluid boil and weakens the ability of same, which in turn leads to control or stop the car.

Why Qld Auto Parts?

Here we offer, quality products for your cars braking system. We focus on delivering along the OE specified parts rather than spending time on clogging market and making decisions. With better friction comes in the better use of what the car is provided with and here at Qld Auto Parts, we help you provide with your need of ceramic, organic, semi-metallic materials.  

We offer

Better tolerance, Cooling vanes, better protective coast top to ensure that the complete part fits in properly and works along to offer the best service to our clients. We are the right choice for the quality we have and the features that come along with our products like that of enhanced quality rotor or drum. The design, the protection, all have one answer to approach and i.e., Qldautoparts.

Benefits that come along 

  1. Better thermal conductivity
  2. Better directional finish
  3. Carbon content is high
  4. Cooling vanes
  5. Better airflow and cooling with better exceptional performance.

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