How to Keep Away Your Car from Overheating
24 December 2019

How to Keep Away Your Car from Overheating

The car has become an integral part of our life. And like we take care of our valuable possession, our car also deserves timely love and care. Like other machines, the car also undergoes wear and tear. And, also like other machines, sometimes it can give us a problem at the most inconvenient time. For example, overheating the car.

Overheating is a common problem. But, overheating if ignored can become dangerous. And thus, it is always better to take preventive measures. The main cause of car overheating is either the external heat (i.e. high temperature) or internal heat (excess heat generated in the engine).

So, let us look at the ways in which we can keep the car from overheating

  1. Find a parking space with a shade – A car is made of metal. And exposure to high heat directly from the sun for a long duration can cause overheating in a car. So, when you park your car, look for a space that has shade, especially in the summer season.  The shade will protect your car from overheating and also extend its life.
  2. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge – Temperature gauge will guide you if your car is overheating.  So, pay heed to the reading. And always ensure that temperature gauge is in working condition.
  3. Check the coolant level – The main work of coolant is to keep the internal temperature of the car in check. Therefore, it is necessary to have adequate coolant in your car all the time. So, make it a practice to check the level at regular intervals.
  4. Regular coolant flush service are necessary – We often feel that servicing is a waste of time and money. However certain services like coolant flush are important and should not be postponed or ignored. This service will ensure that your coolant performs perfectly. 
  5. Keep your windows open – Keeping your windows open is the easiest way to let out the trapped heat from the car. Especially if your car was parked in the open air.
  6. Use tinted window or use window shades to keep the heat at bay– It is not easy to find the right parking space. Using tint sheets on your window or using window shades will help in such cases. They will prevent the heat from entering the car.
  7. Don’t use the air conditioner when the car is hot – Though sounds impractical, it is best to avoid using ac in a hot car. The reason being, switching on the air conditioner will put a burden on the engine, generating more heat. And this can result in overheating. The best way is to keep the window and door open for a few minutes. This will release the trapped heat from the car. And now you can use the air conditioner safely.
  8. Using floor vent to dissipate the trapped heat is a good idea – You can also ensure that the car doesn’t overheat by redirecting the trapped air through the floor vent.
  9. Regular maintenance keeps your car healthy– As mentioned earlier, having your car in top condition is the best way from any kind of mishap happening. So, be regular in the maintenance schedule, and enjoy uninterrupted drives.

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