How to Change Transmission or Gearbox Fluid
26 November 2019

How to Change Transmission or Gearbox Fluid

Every car is different. However, one thing that is common is the regular service/maintenance of the car.  Amongst various areas that need regular servicing, transmission fluid is the one that is often neglected. Many suggest changing the fluid after a certain usage. However, it is advisable to check and change transmission or gearbox fluid periodically.

If the transmission fluid is old it will not engage the car and you will feel the resistance when you are trying to switch the gears. So, when you feel these problems, it’s time to change the liquid.

Here QLD Auto Parts guide you on how to change the transmission or Gearbox fluid.

Steps are as follows

Drain the transmission fluid from the box

1. Drain the transmission fluid from the box

Once you have checked the level of your fluid with dipstick, it is time to drain the fluid. Locate the transmission pan under the car. The location of it may vary depending on the type of car you have. Usually, the pan is secured with bolts. So, after you locate the pan under the car, place the pan to collect the fluid. Once, the collection pan is in the place, loosen the bolts. And when it is loose enough, the liquid will start flowing. In some makes and model, all you have to do is pull the drainage plug from the transmission.

Clean the gearbox pan

2. Clean the gearbox pan

Once the fluid drains out, remove the pan and clean it. Many cars have magnet put in the pan to collect the metal waste. Thus, while removing the liquid, you may also come across the metal waste in small quantities.

Check for the filter and gasket health

3. Check for the filter and gasket health

Every gearbox has a filter to keep away the waste from entering the fluid. While you drain the liquid, it is also good time to check the filter and gasket status. If it is old and damaged, you can fit the new filter and gasket.

Replace the transmission fluid pan

4. Replace the transmission liquid pan

Once you have cleaned the pan, put back the gasket and filter in its original position. Secure the pan in its position with the bolts. Ensure that you don’t twist it too tight.

5. Refill the transmission box fluid

After the pan is in position, you can refill the liquid from the top with the help of the funnel. It is important to refill the fluid as per the car manual. Excess or less liquid oil will damage the transmission.

Also, it is necessary to use a liquid that is suitable for your vehicle. Each make and model of a car differ from each other. And thus need a make specific fluids for better performance and longevity.

Check the transmission box fluid level

6. Check the transmission box fluid level

After refilling the fluid, put the car in park or neutral mode as required and let the car run. After a few minutes try switching gears to different positions. Also, check for any leaks. If you have any trouble or feel that shifting is tight, you may need to pour in more fluid. Once you have the right amount of transmission fluid, your gears will work perfectly.

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