Different Types of Replacement Auto Parts
03 January 2020

Different Types of Replacement Auto Parts

Car is a lifeline for most people. It has become such an integral part that if it goes for service, people feel lost without it. However, the car and its various parts go through wear and tear. And then you will either have to scrap the car or replace a faulty part to make it work again.

With an increase in demand for auto spare parts, there are many options available in the market. From -expensive to pocket-friendly ones. They also come in all types of quality depending on the type of part you buy.

There are 5 types of replacement auto parts available in the market.

Knowing and understanding them is the key to get a better deal for your car without affecting its performance.

  1. Genuine car parts – This is the “original” or genuine car parts manufactured by the car manufacturers themselves. Usually, these parts are used in new cars and therefore not many are available as a spare. Thus, though these kinds of replacement parts are of superior quality they are very expensive. And have scare supply, so no guarantee of getting them when you need it. Or you may get second-hand genuine car parts.
  2. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – This the second category in the hierarchy of the auto spare parts industry. These parts are manufactured by the third party but for the car manufacturer. They have a contract with the car manufacturer. Often car manufacture allows the third party to sell the parts as spare parts in the market. These parts are designed for specific car models and brands. And follow the quality check and specification as given by the car manufacturer. Therefore, these replacement auto parts are of high quality and costly.
  3. Aftermarket vehicle parts – This is the third category of available auto replacement parts. These parts are manufactured by the third party who is independent of any car manufacturer. They Produce parts that may be similar or different from the original car parts. These dealers of a varied range of quality as well as price. Some of these manufacturers deal with the replacement parts. Whereas others focus on manufacturing upgrade parts. These upgrade parts are of the highest quality and sometimes perform much better than the original parts. Aftermarket vehicle parts are ideal for those who have a limited budget, as well as for those who want to upgrade their cars.
  4. Reconditioned parts – These are the secondhand parts. When original parts are replaced in the car, the parts are taken for reconditioning and repairing. These parts are of lower quality since they are already used in a car. However, they are a good option if you are looking for a budget-friendly spare part or a temporary fix to your car problem.
  5. Salvaged car parts – They form the bottom of the hierarchy. These parts are salvaged from the wrecked cars. Even an accidental car has few parts intact. These parts are collected through wreckers. The parts are then reconditioned, refurbished and repaired to make them function. After they are ready they enter the market as salvaged car parts. Again the quality of the part will depend on its original source and condition. However. It is best for people with minimum budget.

Thus, know your replacement parts, find the best option that matches your needs and budget and keep on driving!

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