Myths Vs Facts About Used Auto Parts
05 March 2020

Myths Vs Facts About Used Auto Parts

A car is a precious commodity and so, the owner tries to keep it in perfect working condition. He does this by regular maintenance and replacing faulty parts. Apart from the original parts, there is a big market for used auto parts. However, because these parts are second hand they generate doubts in the mind of the potential buyers. If you are also one such customer who is unable to make a decision to buy used parts due to all the myths, here are some of the myth-buster for you.


When it comes to buying, the price is always the factor.

  • Myth – Used auto parts are overly priced.
  • Fact – The truth is that used auto parts are available at a very cheap rate. Especially compared to the original parts. And in a rare case, if the price is on the higher side, it could be because the part is difficult to locate or available. But, on the whole, used auto parts make for a better deal.


It is a known fact that a car is as good as its parts. And thus, the quality of the part is very crucial.

  • Myth – Used auto parts are of substandard quality. And can be a risky purchase.
  • Fact – Salvage yards are very particular about the parts they sell. In fact, all the parts that enter the market are thoroughly checked for their performance and usage safety. Selling a poor quality part will impact the business of the salvage yard. And thus, they ensure they sell only quality parts. In fact, most of their parts come with a guarantee. Thus you can replace or return the part in case you are dissatisfied with the part purchased.

Mode of payment

  • Myth – Cash payments can get you more discount
  • Fact – In the majority of salvage yards, the mode of payment doesn’t impact the price of your purchase. Thus, whether you pay by cash, cheque, card, or wire transfer, the price will remain unchanged. Sometimes as an incentive a salvage yard may run a scheme where using a card can get you more discounts. You can always check the ongoing scheme to avail the benefit. However, such a scenario is few and far between. Thus, don’t worry, make the purchase and pay as per your choice, you will not lose out on discounts!


Accidents, though unfortunate, do happen. And Insurance coverage help to minimize the loss by reimbursing part of the cost incurred for restoring the vehicle. But, there are few concerns on whether the insurance company will pay for used auto parts

  • Myth – The cost of used auto parts will not be covered in insurance.
  • Fact – Insurance companies are most likely to pay for the least expensive parts. And as we know, used auto parts are much less expensive than the original ones. Thus, insurance companies are more likely to pay for the used auto parts than the original parts.

So, don’t pay attention to the myths. It will only keep you from choosing the most practical and economical option for your car. 

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