Keep Your Head Cool When Dealing with Challenging Customers!!
17 December 2020

Keep Your Head Cool When Dealing with Challenging Customers!!

The automotive industry is one of the most billions of dollars in the revenue-generating sector. There are so many economic activities that exist in this sector and all producers, middlemen, and consumers need to talk with each other on regular basis. Handling difficult customers is a challenging task in this industry.

Never Lose Your Temper With Challenging Customers!!

You should always deal with all customers with a cool mind no matter, how they are behaving. Every day will bring different challenging customers. Although, you will count yourself as a happy customer with every ring of phone call & swing of the door. But these days won’t come daily. If the customer didn’t satisfy with your service or the quality of parts got poor then, obviously they will complain. Plus, they also have justified reasons for registering complaints. On the contrary, some people often have a habit of expressing dissatisfaction with everything. Whether your customers are good or not reasonable you need to follow one simple rule- Have some patience!!

What are the consequences of losing your temper?

  • It will lead to a fast turnover of employees–

    Employees have a brand identity of the services that the business offer to the people. When a brand is not treating its customer with satisfaction then, it’s a matter of reputation for the employees also. The jobs in the automotive industry are so demanding & draining but the negative image of the brand will make it difficult. Therefore you need to train your employees over & over. It will further lead to an increase in the cost of operations.

  • Your Shop Tends to lose profits-

    If you lose your cool then, of course, all these chain events will lead to a reduction in profits and high cost. You will eventually start incurring losses in your business. No one wants to visit your shop because the way you treat your customers is bad.

  • You Will Start losing your all other customers-

    Losing your temper will negatively impact the reputation of your business. Plus, people will post negative reviews on the internet and all these negative reviews will stick to you like a stigma. Subsequently, people will love to choose your competitors over you.

  • It will highlight poor service–

    Customer dissatisfaction is the biggest issue and it spreads like a wildfire. The feedback of angry men will always reflect poor services whether it’s true or not. No matter, how quality parts or services you are offering. It will only disclose how badly you behave with one unhappy customer. Hence, it just works as an advertisement!! It will put out your sales in opposite direction. Not only customers but also the other partners in the industry will also have a negative image in their minds. No matter how good you were to them at the time of dealing with other partners. They will speak the word of one unhappy customer.

  • It will highlight Unprofessionalism on your part-

    You might be right in that situation but other people wouldn’t see it. It will only highlight your Unprofessionalism in your business. Please don’t lose your cool!! You should give training to all staff regarding this management.

What Steps Should a Professional Person take in this such situation?

  • Identify the real problem

    First of all, have some patience and make some efforts to identify the real issue. The most common mistake of the business managers is that they quickly resolve the problem and recorded it in their logs as a solved issue and case closed. And, ask for your next complaint, please!! It’s a humble request to all business owners please don’t rush to next complains unless you give the previous issue a long & good look.

    It’s only somewhere the case of wash, rinse & dry and then repeat it over & over!! You should take each complaint as an opportunity to improve your customer services. Identify the root cause of a bad experience and don’t repeat it next time. Recognize the real issue and correct it is the quality of an professional good manager.

    Have you been getting complaints from the customer over & over? If yes then, please have a look at your technicians or something miscommunication. To avoid similar problems in the future, try to rectify them.

  • Build a good relationship with your customers–

    Your business goal should be holding a healthy relationship with customers. It should be the first & topmost priority. For this, you need intensive research on the auto servicing need of customers. Make the first goal to serve their needs not to sell your service.

  • Cut the crap–

    If you use such vague statements i.e. “free estimates” then, please first make clear your meaning with us. Some of the customers may understand this as “free diagnostics”. In case, you don’t justify the meaning, it’s your fault if they misunderstand this. Are you not able to do this? If that’s the case then, cut the carp in your language.

The majority of businesses are adopting customer-centered approaches. That’s must be your approach also!! Do some efforts and strategies to know your customers and serve their needs. After then, you should focus on selling your business.

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