Do Online Car Parts Come With A Warranty?
15 April 2022

Do Online Car Parts Come With A Warranty?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. We cannot have a generalized answer for whether car parts come with a warranty because they are all based on the type of spare parts you are ordering. Whilst some products do come with a warranty card; small spare parts do not give this privilege to the customers. Also, the warranty period and the type of defects may differ for different spare products. But, if you have received a warranty card with the spare parts, make sure that you keep the receipts and bills safely to use just in case you find a defect and wish to get your product replaced. Also, do not forget to take note of the warranty period mentioned on the card, as the replacement can opt only during the said period.

Mistakes to avoid while purchasing online car parts

Most car owners opt to sell their old cars to car wreckers in Brisbane as it is the easiest way to make some quick cash and get a new one instead. But if you do not wish to part ways with your old car and opt for repair work by ordering spare parts that are no more functional, ordering the right spare parts from an authentic seller is essential. Here are a few mistakes that one should avoid while buying spare parts:

Wrong and incomplete ordering of products

There can be nothing more frustrating than receiving the wrong spare part that is no good for your car. Ordering the right spare parts can be tricky at times, and you may end up ordering the faulty products owing to the massive range of spare parts available online. Hence, make sure that you pay heed to the detailed report of the products, their packaging, and every other detail available so that you do not order wrong or incomplete products. Cross-check the product specifications at least two times because online ordering is way too different from traditional buying of products. And, if you get the wrong products delivered, you have to face the hassles of applying for a return or exchange, and at times, you may also not have these options wherein the store does not allow refunds and exchange.

Buying from a suspicious seller

A spare part that does not come in the right condition can make you feel duped and may delay your car repair work. Hence, you must check out the seller from where you are buying the spare parts. Before buying, do a thorough research of the website and seller and read out customer reviews before you start ordering.

Paying too much

Do not always order the spare products from the very first website that you come across. The chances are you may order it for high prices. Comparison is the key. Thus, you should perform some quick comparisons and order from an online store where you can expect value for money for the spare parts ordered.

No warranty

The warranty period of spare parts is similar to the insurance of that particular part. Hence, it is ideally good not to purchase from a seller that does not offer a warranty for the purchased products. Nil warranty puts a question on the seller’s legitimacy and implies that you cannot get your product replaced even if it accrues a defect. Do not fall for such sellers and buy products that promise a warranty and guarantee.


Do you wish to get cash for secondhand cars? Consider selling it to a car wrecker company, but if you plan to reuse it for some more time and buy spare parts online to get your old cars repaired, make sure that you check out the warranty card. But if you plan to get your cars serviced and spare parts ordered for the repair, follow the tips mentioned above to save yourself from falling into frustration.

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