Sensors, Relays & Switches

Car Sensors, Relays & Switches

Do you want relays, automotive switches & sensors? Your search for electronic parts is over now. Selection of used auto parts is secure with us. We are confident to sell body parts with the relevant warranty period and home delivery throughout Australia.

Car manufacturers are focusing on more safety, luxury, convenience features. Most of them are electricity parts, and senors play their primary role. Although they are small, the essential components in the electrical system may be the fuses, circuit breakers, and relays that protect the system from damage.

The fuses are sacrificial parts that are designed to melt and interrupt the circuit. If there is an excessive current flow that could otherwise overheat and cause damage to the circuit, even create a fire. Circuit breakers perform the same function but can reset and restore current flow. The relays allow high amperage circuits are to be controlled by low amperage circuits. That protects components like computers from damage that could be caused by high current.


We do have a long relationship with used automotive industry where have been served millions of customers to scrapping vehicles and offering them used parts. Years of hands-on experience in the auto recycling industry have enabled us to dismantle vehicles for such parts out of it.

We can sort out your searching part need within a few minutes. Are you not sure that which sensors, relays, or switches suitable for your vehicle? Let us get you exact component. How does it work? It is straightforward when you call our 04 3350 3503 direct lines, get ready your details. If it is not possible, we can ask you to send an image and find the right part to deliver you.

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