Ignition, Start & Charge

Car Ignition, Start & Charge

It is the electric part needs to start a car engine. Ignition for internal combustion engines produces heats an electrode to a high temperature to ignite fuel and air mixture in spark ignition. It uses in internal combustion engines, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, rocket-engines etc.

Diesel engines ignite the fule-air mixture using the heat of compression they do not use a spark.

Qld Auto Parts are one of the largest companies in Australia supplying refurbished vehicle parts, including ignition, start and charging system.

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We do have a long relationship with used automotive industry where have been served millions of customers to scrapping vehicles and offering them used parts. Years of hands-on experience in the auto recycling industry have enabled us to dismantle vehicles for such parts out of it.

We can sort out your searching part need within a few minutes. Are you not sure that which ignition, spark, or alternator suitable for your vehicle? Let us get you exact component. How does it work? It is straightforward when you call our 04 3350 3503 direct lines, get ready your details. If it is not possible, we can ask you to send an image and find the right part to deliver you.

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