Engine Mounts

Car Engine Mounts

The engine mount is an essential component for a vehicle that connects the engine to the car body which is chassis. It helps to transfer the power smoothly to the ground without rattling the frame to pieces.

There are different types of mounts which are used in the car’s engine-

Transmission Mounts

Solid rubber cushion element makes the transmission mount. It makes a connection between engine and chassis along with steel backing plates. It is used in rear-wheel drive vehicles and helps the driver to transfer less power through the driveline.

Metal Mounts-

Metal mounts are made with the help of polyurethane. They are useful to transfer the power to the wheels. It is desirable to be only for engagement because of the vibration and noise factors.

Hydro Mounts-

Engine hydro-mounts offer the most formidable feasible driving comfort for drivers. They connect the acoustic separation purpose of a regular rubber mount with balanced damping performance. A series of canals connect the chambers and separated by a rubber valve.

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