Cruise Control

Car Cruise Control

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Why Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a device that automatically controls the speed of a vehicle. It is also known as auto cruise or tempo mat in some places. The component is a servomechanism that takes over the accelerator of the car to keep a constant velocity as fixed by the driver.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of cruise control include:

It is a useful function for long drives and helps to reduce driver fatigue, improving comfort. Some drivers use it to avoid subconsciously violating speed limits. A driver who otherwise tends to increase speed throughout a highway journey subconsciously may avoid speeding.

Increased fuel efficiency

However, when misused cruise control can lead to accidents due to several factors, such as:-

  • Speeding around curves that require slowing down, rough or loose terrain that could negatively affect the cruise control controls
  • Rainy or wet weather could lose traction. Supports drivers to pay less attention to driving, increasing the risk of an accident

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