Car Wreckers Carina

We are an established Car Wrecking company that specializes in dismantling, reusing the auto parts, and selling of scrap metal. Since we entered the business, we have managed to create a loyal customer base owing to our hard work, dedication, and ability to upgrade ourselves with the changing time. From being a successful Car Wreckers Carina to selling quality used Auto Parts, we now offer a solution to all your car-related problems. Our services are available across Australia, so no matter where you are located, our services are as quick as your local car wreckers!

Salvage Yard Carina

Our state of the art facilities and adequate resources at Salvage Yard Carina, allows us to dismantle around 100 cars a month. Furthermore, we remove all the working parts and recondition them to make them top-notch quality used parts. We deal in all types of cars from SUVs to passenger cars, from 4WDs to UTEs, you name it and we have seen it. This exposure has given us the experience and expertise on a wide range of car models. Thus, we can assure you of the best services for any of your car requirements.

Used Auto Parts Carina

Is your engine not working? Is your break taking too long to apply? Or is your steering wheel giving you trouble? Or you simply want to customize your car? Well, no matter which part of the car is giving you trouble, or need a modification, we have the best quality replacement part for you. We deal in all types of used auto parts Carina that are not only of superior quality but also come with warranties. So, if your car is giving you trouble, head right to our office, and we will fix it in no time!

Sell Car For Removal Carina

If getting your car parts replaced is not what you want, you can sell your car for Removal Carina to us. We buy cars in all conditions at a premium price. To facilitate the process, we also take care of all the paperwork and arrange for the free vehicle pick up. You can connect with us via phone, email or even our website. Our efficient staff will help you with any doubts or queries you may have. We are also known to make instant payment via the method of your choice.

Pay Cash for Wrecking Cars

Client servicing is one of our best features. From the initiation stage to deal closing, all our policies and procedure aim to provide quick and efficient services to our customers. One of our popular features is that we pay cash for wrecking cars. So, you don’t have to wait long to see your cash or wonder when will you get your payment once we remove the car. We make an instant payment on the same day of car removal. So, it is as good as saying bye to your car, and hello to money! Furthermore, we are the top cash paying wreckers in the market.

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