Car Wreckers Carina Heights

Every car has value irrespective of its condition and age, especially to Car Wreckers Carina Heights. We are a premium car wrecking company buying all types of car for top dollar. We regularly deal with American, Korean, Japanese, and European make of vehicles. So, if you have a car that is accidental, totaled, damaged during a natural calamity, or a non-working car, call us today to know its market value! And we assure you, you will not find another wrecker who can match our price!

Salvage Yard Carina Heights

Over the years we have established ourselves as green car wreckers. We believe in conserving natural resources by reusing the auto parts and recycling the scrap metal. This allows us to keep the environment clean and make quality parts available at a low cost. Our team of experts examines each vehicle at our salvage yard Carina Heights before deciding on the way forward. We are also not particular about the age or the condition of the car. Furthermore, we offer free car removal to our customers which not only saves your time but money. So, don’t wait long to book your appointment with us!

Used Auto Parts Carina Heights

Our ability to provide all types of car parts for all kinds of the model has made us the most sought after used auto part Carina heights seller in the market. Whether you need gearbox, accessories, or an engine part we have it all. Whether you need a replacement part to make your car working again or a modified part to make it customized, we have all that you may need. Furthermore, as we have our own source for used auto parts, we sell them at an affordable rate. Thus, you get the best quality part at the lowest possible cost only with us! So, call us today and get the part that you want.

Sell Car for Removal Carina Heights

You know it is time to sell your car for removal Carina heights when your car is more in the garage than on the road, or the repair costs more than its value. When your car reaches this condition, call us to know the value of your car. We remove the car of all shapes and sizes including trucks, vans, UTEs, bus and so on. Being a licensed car wrecker, we can buy the non-registered car as well.

How to Sell Your Car for Wrecking

It is very easy to sell your car for wrecking to us.

  1. Call us with your car’s detail and we will give you an instant quote
  2. If you accept the quote, we arrange for a car inspection. On the day and date of your choice, our experts will visit the vehicle to determine its value
  3. On the day of inspection, our team will make you an offer. If you accept the offer, we will arrange for free paperwork and car removal as per your convenience.
  4. On the decided day, we will come to pick up your car and also make an instant payment.

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